Useful Tips To Make Music Composition Better

Composing music is a mystery-there is no certain way or formula to be adopted which will help in composition. However, some certain principle and patterns can be followed for music production and create something great. It is a complete learning process and music can’t be finished by learning.

After purchasing Magix Music Maker I have come acrossed some unknown secrets for better composition. Let me share some tips which can lead to produce great quality work.


Increase Listening To Music:

The more you listen, the more you will learn and it helps composition make far to easy. If we hear anything that touches our heartmusic and mind, it is somehow stored in our mind unconsciously which will lead to run our mind fast and the whole composing part become much easier. When you listen, listen deep and try to figure out why that composition is sounding so great – whether the mode of the song or the swing of the drum patterns or the melody that the producer has used. Also it is better to figure out how the song has been composed as a whole.


Develop Song Structure:

Have you ever got stuck with a great musical idea and get confused where to start from ? It happens because lack of development of a song structure which is usually called “form” of a song. Every song revolves around in its structure or form. The chord progression plays an important role which develops the musical harmony and that converts to a strong structure of the song.


Follow Your Idol:

Everyone has different taste and has their own idols. We should always follow their creations but should not copy them. It is always better to create one own identity than by ruining it by copying others. We should try and adopt their language of speaking music with sounds and melodies.


Take Advice From General Mass:

The general people are our listeners and we should first make listen to our composition to them and try get their feedback.They might not know the grammar of music but we can judge from their reactions how well we are doing.


Define Your Composing Goal:

For whom you are creating a song and arranging it. If you are doing for yourself then you have full freedom but if you are doing for a particular mass or a situation then the approach changes. Be sure what you are upto to define your goal.


Have fun and Do Something Different:

You are a programmer or a song writer or related to any kind of composition just because you enjoy what you do. So have fun and never take pressure, otherwise your creativity level will decrease. You should always try to create something new and different. People love new things with new dimension.


music5Do Some ‘do nots’:

Everybody advice what to do but to be a good composer or a producer we should strictly follow some ‘do nots’.

1.Do not work when you feel there is a disturbing element behind you – like TV programme running or may be people chatting etc.

2.Do not rework constantly on a single track. It blocks your mind and restricts creations.

3.Do not work when you are tired.

4.Do not over use sounds.The track should be clean as well as punchy at the same time.

5.Do not copy anyone. Keep your own identity. Everyone is unique, God created us so differently that we can not find a copy of ours in this whole world, then why should we copy others.

And lastly one simple thing that guarantees your success in music which we should continue is – PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND ONLY PRACTICE.

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