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Hey there, this is Sushanta here and thank you for stopping by my webpage.You are on the right place if you areMyphotonew looking for a risk free and easy music composing (composition | production) software which is created by none other than 2 times Grammy Award winner Dallas Austin.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to go through this page if you are really serious about making music and want to sky rocket your success in this field. Here I am sharing some of my knowledge honestly about an online music composition software which is ESSENTIAL before you download and grab a copy of yourself.

To discover the software:

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So What Exactly Is Dallas Austin’s BTVSolo -The Music Production Software :

btvsoloDallas Austin, is a two times Grammy winning music producer and songwriter for artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, William, TLC, Madonna, Pink, After 7, Aretha Franklin, The Best New Havies and many more. This genius musician who was born in December 29,1972 in Colombus has created an AMAZING music making software, that is – BTVSolo.

This is one of the best music composing or production software specially designed for all genre of music producers, whether a beginner who aspire and don’t know where to start off or for those who already are creating waves with musical skills and abilities. It makes the whole process so easy and simple that composing music of any kind is just a click away. No matter what operating system you use – Mac or Windows, it has its own installation version. With the help of BTVSolo any PC or laptop can be turned into a professional power-packed studio without using any hardware.

The software is a complete package for music composition. Easy to install and operate, very user friendly. Composing tracks with BTVSolo is fun and doesn’t require professional training or expensive hardware. You can arrange full songs without the use of keyboards, drums or virtual instruments. The best part is the whole sequenced song can be Mixed with the help of BTVSolo and can be experienced high quality sound.

Click Here to visit Dallas Austin’s BTVSOLO Official website

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Here Is How Exactly BTVSolo Works:

This software is a piece of jam. It comes with over one thousand preset sounds and hundreds of professional sound banks from the likes of Grammy winner Dallas Austin. No extra keyboard, sound card or other hardwares required to use these sounds to produce music with it. Everything is inbuilt with polished touch and the quality of sound it produces is mind-blowing. BTVSolo provides a series of training videos for the beginners which includes step by step training covering subjects like ‘how to compose music’, ‘create your own music sheet’ etc which helps improving a music programmer.

Dallas Austin created this amazing musical tool for anyone who have a desire to be in the music industry. This music maker software has 16 channels and as mentioned above thousands of professionally designed inbuilt sounds come along with it. It all depends on the person how he wants to use it. A beginner should go through the video training first and learn the step by step training before creating music. For a professional music producer it is an easiest tool he can ever experience.

BTVSolo is compatible with midi controllers and also can be used as VST instrument and its compatible with any professional studio softwares like Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools etc. Softwares are created to make thing easy and it only depends on the person how he handles it.

Disadvantages of BTVSolo:

There are few disadvantages of this music composing software just like every product.

  • First thing I noticed is voice recording in this music production software is not up to the mark, it can not give quality voice track but to record a guide voice it is far better than anyone thinks. I think Dallas Austin created this composer software just for music programming and mixing tracks. As this software is compatible with any professional recording tool, record a voice track doesn’t seem to be a problem at all.
  • Second thing I found about this software is to save a song file you need to export your tracks only if the number of tracks are more. For a beginner, You should go through the video training to make it easy but for others who already have started will have fun doing it.

Advantages of BTVSolo:

  • It is very easy to work with, very user friendly and for a beginner this is the music production software to start off.
  • This music composing software can be used online as well. No need to install again and again for different computers.
  • The video training is something to look forward to. This training will help any beginners or amateur programmers to become a Pro if he has a desire to do so.
  • This music composing software can be used as a VST Instrument with any professional studio recording tool like Cubase, Nuendo, Protools etc. This makes this software very flexible and handy to use.
  • No other hardware needed except your Laptop or Desktop. The sounds that selected automatically get assigned with your computer keyboard and if triggered it will create that particular sound. It is that simple.
  • It is a very comprehensive audio creating tool specially for urban beats and melodies.
  • It has got all the features that a recording software should have with it. Features like – Easy Navigation and Triggers, Quantize,Record Modes, Swings, Bar Structure, .WAV Editing & Autochop, Effects, Attack, Decay,Sustain and Release, Pitch, Pan, Cutoff and Resonance per sound, Custom Kit Builder Mode, Mastering Kit, Modulation & Pitch wheels.
  • Above all the software has got 60 days money back guarantee.

Overall BTVSolo has everything one need in a music composer software.I strongly recommend this product to all genre of music programmers whether he is a beginner or an amateur or well established, this music making software is going to blow your mind once you grab a  copy of yours.You have nothing to loose.You will enjoy more composing music with this piece of software.

I hope this little information will help you to get some knowledge and thanks again for stopping by my webpage.



Click Here to visit Dallas Austin’s BTVSOLO Official website

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