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Hey there, this is Sushanta here and thank you for stopping by my web page. You are on the right place if you are looking for a risk free and easy music composing | production software which is created by none other than Magix – the reputed company who is an international publisher of high quality, intuitive, user friendly software and an European market leader since 1993.


I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to go through this page if you are really serious about making music and want to sky rocket your success in this field. Here I am sharing some of my knowledge honestly about an online music composition software which is ESSENTIAL before you download and grab a copy of yourself. To discover the software:

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So What Exactly Is Magix Music Maker -The Music Production Software :

Magix is one of the pioneer software developer in this field since 1993. They have created some amazing award winning audio, video softwares over the years . Over 3 million people are using Magix softwares all over the world. Magix music maker is a hugely used production software for all genre of music producers.

This is one of the best music composing software specially designed for all genre of music producers, whether a beginner who aspire and don’t know where to start off or for those who already are creating waves with musical skills and abilities. It makes the whole process so easy and simple that composing music of any kind is just a click away. No matter what operating system you use – Mac or Windows, it has its own installation version. With the help of Magix Music Maker any PC or laptop can be turned into a professional power-packed studio without using any hardware. The software is a complete package for music composition. Easy to install and operate, very user friendly. Composing tracks with Magix Music Maker is fun and doesn’t require professional training or expensive hardware. You can arrange full songs without the use of keyboards, drums or virtual instruments. The best part is the whole sequenced song can be Mixed with the help of Magix Music Making software and can be experienced high quality sound.

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Here Is How Exactly Magix Music Maker Works:

This software is a piece of jam. It comes with over three thousand preset sounds and hundreds of professional sound banks from the likes of an established company Magix. No extra sound card or other hardware required to use these sounds to produce music with it. Everything is inbuilt with polished touch and the quality of sound it produces is mind-blowing. Magix Music Maker provides a series of training videos for the beginners which includes step by step training covering subjects like ‘how to compose music’, ‘create your own music sheet’ etc which helps improving a music programmer. Magix created this amazing musical tool for anyone who have a desire to be in the music industry. This music maker software has 99 channels and as mentioned above thousands of professionally designed inbuilt sounds come along with it. It all depends on the person how he wants to use it. A beginner should go through the video training first and learn the step by step training before creating music. For a professional music producer it is an easiest tool he can ever experience. Magix Music Maker is compatible with midi controllers and also can be used as VST instrument and its compatible with any professional studio softwares like Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.

Softwares are created to make thing easy and it only depends on the person how he handles it.

Disadvantages of Magix Music Maker : There are few disadvantages of this music composing software just like every product.

  • This music composition software needs 7.5 GB space to get installed but to have over 3000 sample loops, hundreds of sound kits, plugins that much space would be required.
  • Only support Windows 10, 8 and 7. For Mac users its a sorry news.
  • You need an internet connection to validate your licence. In today’s world everyone one has an internet connection, if not then you wouldn’t have been on this page, Right!!

Advantages of Magix Music Maker :

  • It is very easy to work with, very user friendly and for a beginner this is the music production software to get start off.
  • This music composing software can be used for voice dubbing and mixing as well. Its a COMPLETE PACKAGE.
  • The video training is something to look forward to. This training will help any beginners or amateur programmers to become a Pro if he has a desire to do so.
  • This music composing software can be used as a VST Instrument with any professional studio recording tool like Cubase, Nuendo, Protools etc. This makes this software very flexible and handy to use.
  • Import and export any format of videos, audioes, photos with Magix software.
  • It is a very comprehensive audio creating tool specially for urban beats and melodies.
  • It has got all the features that a recording software should have with it. Features like – Easy Navigation and Triggers, Quantize,Record Modes, Swings, Bar Structure, .WAV Editing & Autochop, Effects, Attack, Decay,Sustain and Release, Pitch, Pan, Cutoff and Resonance per sound, Custom Kit Builder Mode, Mastering Kit, Modulation & Pitch wheels and also Voice tuning.
  • Share your own music data with Magix service directly from your Smart phone.
  • Get my Free guide on how to sing better in 90 days with this software as a bonus.
  • Above all the software has got 30 days money back guarantee.

Overall Magix Music Maker software has everything one need in a music composer software.I strongly recommend this product to all genre of music programmers whether he is a beginner or an amateur or well established, this music making software is going to blow your mind once you grab a  copy of yours.You have nothing to loose.You will enjoy more composing music with this piece of software. I hope this little information will help you to get some knowledge and thanks again for stopping by my webpage.



Click Here to visit Magix Music Maker Official website

Magix Music Maker Versus Other Music Composer Software

Let us ask few questions: Why should we go for this composing software where there are a lot of other stuff around the corner. Have you ever thought of purchasing an ordinary stuff ever in your life when it comes to personal use. Why should we believe what other says? What do we look into a product when it comes to spending few bucks. Yes, here you guess it right -The Quality and the reputation behind the product.

Everyday we notice a lot of stuff in various advertisements but do we go to buy all that are shown in those advertisements. No. Why ?? It depends on the taste and trust on that particular product and the company of course. As human being we always have a tendency to go for free stuff if not then the cheapest among them but we always reluctant to compromise with quality.
Here I am not talking about any company but about a man who carries a great reputation in the music industry.Who has written songs for some of the great legends and rising stars.Can you ever think a company which carries a great reputation since 1993 will create a product just to pocket a few bucks.NO. According to my knowledge Magix has created this piece of music composing software specially to dominate the industry and they did it successfully. This great music production tool was introduced it in the market with a Big launch where most of the Big Guns of the music industry were present.

There are some Big names involved with this music production software. Even if we don’t have confidence in ourselves to take a good decision about a very good software then let me mention some of the names –

Tricky Stewart (Grammy Winning Producer: Beyonce – “Single Ladies”, Rihanna – “Umbrella”, Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”)

Bob Ezrin ( BKE Partner and Co-Founder/ Iconic Rock Producer: Pink Floyd –The Wall, Alice Cooper,Peter Gabriel)

Jermaine Dupri (Iconic Producer/Artist: Janet Jackson, Usher,Bow Wow)

Gordon Williams (Multiple Grammy Winning Engineer/Mixer: The Roots, Lauren Hill, Damien Marley)

Jon Platt ( Vice President, EMI Music Publishing)

Drumma Boy (Multi Award winning and chart topping Producer Waka Flocka “No Hands”, Young Jeezy “Put On” 5 Billboard top 10 songs)

Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson’s ,Dangerous, Blackstreet, Guy)

DJ Ruckus (World famous DJ – spins parties for Diddy, Kanye West, Magic Johnson, Calvin Klein, Prada)

These people have already made their mark in the field of music with their great creations and to actually be successful in any field there has to be some amount of struggle and hard work involves. We all agree with this. Will any person risk their hard earned success for any kind of crap product. We know the answer.

Lets see some negative aspect of this discussion as well. No matter who and how Famous celebrity involves and try to make a hype about the product, we all know that celebrities can be hired. They might be ready to promote anything if paid a good ransom so that the owner of the product makes fool out of the customers. But here comes the interesting answer – Dallas Austin for his Music Production Software gives us a full 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.IF NOT SATISFIED THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED.NO QUESTION ASKED. It is completely RISK FREE.

IMPORTANT: what we need in a music production software – good quality sound and it should be user friendly. Magix Music Maker has everything.The people behind the scene are genius and they really made this software amazing. Above all we get lot of training about music composing which can be great help for our future and also there are hundreds of completely royalty free pre set sounds to make advantage of.

Break The Rules With This Music Creation Software

downloadWhen it comes to writing a song, or in any craft for that matter, some of the most interesting results come from when one breaks the rules. The one huge caveat that many songwriters forget when doing this is that you need to know and understand the rules before you can break them. You can break a specific rule to get some effect, but a great artist does for an artistic reason. They know the parts of a song’s structure and the purpose of each.

The chorus, verse, bridge, solo, intro, development, outro, etc. all play a certain role in telling the story and taking the listener on that musical journey. For example the verse may set up a general mood, the pre-chorus may escalate that smoothly into a more intense and direct chorus, the bridge gives you a break from the repetition so that when you come into the last chorus it feels fresh again.

Music creation is all about producing sounds that please the ears and satisfy our mind and soul. A good musician can push a piece of music to a much improvised and higher level for the fulfilment of the musical purpose by breaking the usual musical root for an artistic reason.That requires deep musical knowledge and high creativity.The software  we are discussing on this webpage can help you ease out the process of developing music to a different level altogether.

This music creation software helps any music producers by converting a simple PC or a laptop to a great place of workstation. All the hard work has been done for you with their experience and matured capability. All you have to do is to install the software and start taking your creation of music to the next level.

“There are many ‘standards’ when it comes to production and the use of gear,” says German DJ and producer Thomas Gold. “But, as we are in the club and dance music sector that’s steadily craving new sounds, why not break some of those rules?

Why not indeed? Rules, after all, are there to be broken, and as Gold points out, if you start to think a little differently about the way you produce you’ll be in with a good chance of giving your tracks a fresh sound.

imagesPeople tend to take example of a successful music arrangement into their DAW session but copying other arrangement actually doesn’t work.It always disappoints the effort.The reason is that every single track has its own identity and a flow, so copying other track or type of music creation may disturb the actual structure of the particular track.

The chord progression can be very innovative but it should not distract the mood.There is no rule for chord lines.This rule was broken some hundreds of years ago.You are the master of all while writing chords for a song. All we have to look for is to figure out the “inner life” of a melody  – try to ‘think and live’ your production. It shouldn’t take long to find out what your track really needs to be perfect…”

A successful arranger always happens to be a very good sound engineer.It is a very important part of quality music creation process. A successful arranger who is also good sound engineer can produce the same result no matter which software he is working on. Mostly, if observe closely, a good arranger always try to implement something new going away from the traditional ways of producing sound and they do it quite brilliantly for artistic purpose.

Breaking the rules while creating new musical sound is quite essential in these days arrangement.Music composing and producing is such a pleasure that only the producers can understand the taste. Get a good easy software like Magix Music Maker and start breaking the rules in music creation.

Useful Tips To Make Music Composition Better

Composing music is a mystery-there is no certain way or formula to be adopted which will help in composition. However, some certain principle and patterns can be followed for music production and create something great. It is a complete learning process and music can’t be finished by learning.

After purchasing Magix Music Maker I have come acrossed some unknown secrets for better composition. Let me share some tips which can lead to produce great quality work.


Increase Listening To Music:

The more you listen, the more you will learn and it helps composition make far to easy. If we hear anything that touches our heartmusic and mind, it is somehow stored in our mind unconsciously which will lead to run our mind fast and the whole composing part become much easier. When you listen, listen deep and try to figure out why that composition is sounding so great – whether the mode of the song or the swing of the drum patterns or the melody that the producer has used. Also it is better to figure out how the song has been composed as a whole.


Develop Song Structure:

Have you ever got stuck with a great musical idea and get confused where to start from ? It happens because lack of development of a song structure which is usually called “form” of a song. Every song revolves around in its structure or form. The chord progression plays an important role which develops the musical harmony and that converts to a strong structure of the song.


Follow Your Idol:

Everyone has different taste and has their own idols. We should always follow their creations but should not copy them. It is always better to create one own identity than by ruining it by copying others. We should try and adopt their language of speaking music with sounds and melodies.


Take Advice From General Mass:

The general people are our listeners and we should first make listen to our composition to them and try get their feedback.They might not know the grammar of music but we can judge from their reactions how well we are doing.


Define Your Composing Goal:

For whom you are creating a song and arranging it. If you are doing for yourself then you have full freedom but if you are doing for a particular mass or a situation then the approach changes. Be sure what you are upto to define your goal.


Have fun and Do Something Different:

You are a programmer or a song writer or related to any kind of composition just because you enjoy what you do. So have fun and never take pressure, otherwise your creativity level will decrease. You should always try to create something new and different. People love new things with new dimension.


music5Do Some ‘do nots’:

Everybody advice what to do but to be a good composer or a producer we should strictly follow some ‘do nots’.

1.Do not work when you feel there is a disturbing element behind you – like TV programme running or may be people chatting etc.

2.Do not rework constantly on a single track. It blocks your mind and restricts creations.

3.Do not work when you are tired.

4.Do not over use sounds.The track should be clean as well as punchy at the same time.

5.Do not copy anyone. Keep your own identity. Everyone is unique, God created us so differently that we can not find a copy of ours in this whole world, then why should we copy others.

And lastly one simple thing that guarantees your success in music which we should continue is – PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND ONLY PRACTICE.

Creating Original Music With Magix Music Maker

Creating original Music is exciting and challenging. But this software helps you in every step you make. If we talk about the patterns – how the music production procedure runs, many theory can be applied to make original music from scratch.The most common pattern should be Song writing (chords and lyrics) then followed by the Drums pattern, Bass and other instrument whichever is applicable according to mode of the song.

Let me share few things about composing some original music with this clean easy software:

a) Download Magix Music Maker: Once you have downloaded Magix Music Maker to your computer and install it you will discover its user friendly interface and the professional sound banks that are available. Your home music studio is ready once you installed it.

b) Chord Progression : It doesn’t matter whether you play any instruments or not Magix Music Maker can be a great help to preparing the chords for your song. But it is recomended that the chord progression should be written first. Magix Music Maker has the chord chart and tutorials to show the chords you need, in order to be able to use the piano feature in the sequencer.

Okay, once you have found your chords we are ready to create a piece of original music of our own.Lets take three chords to start with- C Major,D Minor and A Minor. We have chosen the Major chord for a happier mode.

Now from the channels onMagix Music Maker lets select a channel and assign any piano kit from the sound bank. Magix Music Maker has total 16 channels and these also can be layered. Let us make a 2 bar(4 beats per Bar=8 beats loop). Now with the help of your computer keyboard record first 4 beats with D minor,next 2 beats with A minor and the last 2 beat with C Major chord.

Okay, now choose another channel and assign a drum kit and set the metronome at any level, let say at 100 BPM. But Magix Music Maker search and find out and fix the tempo by its own. But I prefer to set the tempo by myself.

c) Compose a drum pattern: Record a kick on the 1st Beat on every Bar and a snare on every 3rd beat and place a hihats on 2nd and 4th beat of every Bar. You can use your computer mouse or keyboard to click the location and this is same for rest of the music composition.

d) Basslines: We had our chord progression ready and all we have to do is record it by choosing another channel from the software.We are going to to play only the root note. Lets record it with D note on the 1st beat of the 1st Bar and A note on the 1st beat and C note on the 2nd Bar. You can play these notes on your computer keyboard.The notes will be written on the button of the software relating to your key board.

So we are ready with a piece of music. If you are a beginner every part of sequencing is easily explained in the videos.Nothing to worry about. However the awesome feature of Magix Music Maker is simply assign the sound you want create to your keyboard and trigger it. Try with yourself and you will start loving music much more than before.

Take Advantage Of This Magical software

This music composing software is created for all genre of music producers, whether a beginner who aspire and don’t know where to magicalstart off or for those who already are creating waves with musical skills and abilities.

The features a music device requires, it has it all. User Friendly Navigation helps beginners and music pros consume less time to figure out the interface and you’ll be able to compose rhythm, sequence melody parts, build custom kits, and complete songs very quickly.

For a music producer sound is everything and it has more than 3000 professionally engineered sounds, more than 1000 royalty free sound tracks which can be used in your songs, more than 100 professionally designed drum kits which already have been using by some biggest artiest on the planet, more than 100 electronic and acoustic instruments for live chords, riffing, and performances which comes loaded with drums, basses, synthesizers, string ensembles, horns, choirs, effects, and also you will get built in mixer for final touch of a song and many more.

magical 1I used the word “Magical software” just because it provides a series of training videos for the beginners which includes step by step training to become a music programmer. Dallas Austin created this amazing musical tool for anyone who have a desire to be in the music industry.

This music composer software is making wave in the industry and many great musician is already using it and creating amazing tracks.To name a few-Teddy Riley, Jon Plate, Gordon Williams, Bob Ezrin, Jermanie Dupri, Drumma Boy etc. If are seriously producing songs then these names must be quite familiar with you.