Secret Of The Video Training Series

Normally a variety of option exist for everyone who have some creative genes when it comes to choose a music composing software. But a few things make this software completely different from others and that is the video training series. These trainings are presented by hollywood’s most establish and renowned music programmers like Norbz, Dallas, Jazze etc.

secret2In the modern music creation scenario a lot of techniques have to be developed because of the ever growing complexity. The main secret of these training programme is that 99% of what is learnt from here will also apply in other studio tools that is ever use in music composition. The lessons will let you build up a strong basic that will help for the rest of the life in different phase.

The Training Consist Of :


Introduction of making first beat,setting up user data path folder, midi and pad controller, Banks up and down,Quick PC setup after download.

Beat Structure:

Tempo set up,Loop a beat,Set up tracks and metronome,how to copy,insert and record,rolling snares,gap fills etc.

Different Genres Types:

This is the very important part of the training.Its very important to know the different genres of music.This part of the course actually makes the entire process very wonderful.The knowledge one gets here will lead to a pro in music business.

Bass Lines:

A complete newbie who has a little desire to make music but doesn’t have knowledge of chords and creating bass line of a song can also become a pro music maker with the help of this part of the package.This part is very important for the beginners.

Use of Eeffects:

Use of effects play a vital role in composition of a song.This part is so very useful that one will get knowledge of a sound designer. Which effects to use, how to apply this in a beat and how to use in melodies, more importantly which effects to use in where.


The final step which normally a professional sound engineer does you can do it too.Mastering is a very important part of a song, if anything goes wrong in this part than all the hard work behind creating the song also vanish.With this training you can be a master of “Mastering”.

This screen shot video training offers much more i.e how to make an instrument with your own sample,sample wave editing,use of gate,layering kit,change skin and much more.

Overall,this is not Just a software.This software teaches and teaches well.Anyone who gets the training will become a master in music composing for sure.

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