August 3rd, 2013 4:18 am

Music composing and recording has taken a tremendous change over the years.In the old age when analog recording used to take place, all the musicians and singer have to be in the recording studio at the same time while recording a song and more importantly the sound engineer has to balance the tracks of the song during the recording period.Musicians and singers used to rehearse a song for many days before the recording actually take place.Interestingly in those days if a minute mistake occurs during recording the full song has to be recorded again from the beginning. So everyone had to be perfect and professional enough and the outcome of course was tremendous.

Gradually things have started changing and new technologies have started flowing and the recording and composing music has also started changing along with the time.There came a time in early 90’s where sequencer keyboard was in hype where most of the music arrangement were used to be done and to record the arrangement, every single track used to convert one by one from the sequencer keyboard to the recording tool.After all the tracks have released from the keyboard to the recording tool the voice record used to take place.

This method still remains the same but now the world’s greatest invention ever “the computer” has captured the scenario completely while new recording software started developing.Here I am going to mention about few recording software which can be used as music composing as well.

Steinberg Nuendo:

NuendoIt is my all time favorite recording software which can be used for music composing and arrangement. Nuendo has completed almost 25 years in the market and it has been dominated the music recording sphere over the years. Nuendo is an exciting software for its user friendly features and continuously upgrading for better result.Its latest version nuendo 8.0 has recently been released and the features are mind blowing and recording quality is just “wow”.

This piece of music software works fine only when you have good quality hardwares like the sound card,mixer board,amplifies and other related tools which are normally very costly if using this software for music composing and programming.However, all these tools works fine only then when the person sit behind controlling these equipments with his ability and professionalism.

But here, in this blog I am taking about a music composing software which is far too easy to create music .Trust me, you don’t need anything except your computer.

Steinberg Cubase:

Well Cubase is completely a xerox copy of Nuendo. Most of the features are same and I find it much easier than the Nuendo.I cubasehave been working on Nuendo for past 15 years from now may be I feel comfortable working with Cubase as well.Both these software are pleasant to work with and the midi part is just amazing.After intoducing the ‘midi’ segment programming music has become musch easier and time saving.

Cubase 7 is the latest version of this software and steinberg has develop a sound card which completely compatible with Cubase 7 and gives great result along with this version of software.

Pro Tools:

Pro Tools is completely different from Nuendo and Cubase and it is created by Avid Technology.Pro Tools can be operate in protoolsboth Microsoft Windows and OS X but the hardware used in Pro Tools are widely different than other music composing software.It is a software that only profession are advised to handle and any recording and editing in music production,film scoring ,post production or MIDI Sequencing can be done quite brilliantly.The quality of audio sound it produces is high quality and mind blowing.

The negative aspect of this software is it is too costly and little complicated to use for amature level musicians.


Logic Pro 9 is the latest version of this software which is created by Apple and its a complete professional audio recording andlogic programming junction.Most people prefer Logic for music composing but I personally find it little difficult to work with(this is my personal opinion of course).It has massive collection of padals,effects,amps,sounds but you need to be quite professional to work with Logic.

Like the other software it is costly too and requires its related hardwares to see result of your choice.

Well there are hundreds of such audio recording software that can be used for music composing as well but the main aspect of BTVSolo it doesn’t require any sort of hardware and if are already using any professional software like the mentioned ones then it can be an added advantage to take music creation to another level.Go for it and enjoy creating music much more then before.

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