Creating Original Music With BTVSolo

Creating original Music is exciting and challenging. But this software helps you in every step you make. If we talk about the patterns – how the music production procedure runs, many theory can be applied to make original music from scratch.The most common pattern should be Song writing (chords and lyrics) then followed by the Drums pattern, Bass and other instrument whichever is applicable according to mode of the song.

Let me share few things about composing some original music with this clean easy software:

a) Download BTV Solo: Once you have downloaded BTVSolo to your computer and install it you will discover its user friendly interface and the professional sound banks that are available. Your home music studio is ready once you installed it.

b) Chord Progression : It doesn’t matter whether you play any instruments or not BTVSolo can be a great help to preparing the chords for your song. But it is recomended that the chord progression should be written first. BTVSolo has the chord chart and tutorials to show the chords you need, in order to be able to use the piano feature in the sequencer.

Okay, once you have found your chords we are ready to create a piece of original music of our own.Lets take three chords to start with- C Major,D Minor and A Minor. We have chosen the Major chord for a happier mode.

Now from the channels on BTVSolo lets select a channel and assign any piano kit from the sound bank. BTVSolo has total 16 channels and these also can be layered. Let us make a 2 bar(4 beats per Bar=8 beats loop). Now with the help of your computer keyboard record first 4 beats with D minor,next 2 beats with A minor and the last 2 beat with C Major chord.

Okay, now choose another channel and assign a drum kit and set the metronome at any level, let say at 100 BPM. But BTVSolo search and find out and fix the tempo by its own. But I prefer to set the tempo by myself.

c) Compose a drum pattern: Record a kick on the 1st Beat on every Bar and a snare on every 3rd beat and place a hihats on 2nd and 4th beat of every Bar. You can use your computer mouse or keyboard to click the location and this is same for rest of the music composition.

d) Basslines: We had our chord progression ready and all we have to do is record it by choosing another channel from the software.We are going to to play only the root note.Lets record it with D note on the 1st beat of the 1st Bar and A note on the 1st beat and C note on the 2nd Bar.You can play these notes on your computer keyboard.The notes will be written on the button of the software relating to your key board.

So we are ready with a piece of music.If you are a beginner every part of sequencing is easily explained in the videos.Nothing to worry about.However the awesome feature of BTVSolo is simply assign the sound you want creat to your keyboard and trigger it.Try with yourself and you will start loving music much more than before.

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